Enrolment Change Application

Application Types

  • Audit:
    A request to attend class but will not participate, write exams, or receive marks. Audit courses are charged but not included as part of academic load calculation.
  • Individual course(s):
    A request to take (or re-take) a course (or courses), in a regular Post-Secondary Program, as a part-time student.  Please note this form is not used to register for courses offered through Continuing Education or Part-Time Education.
  • Late Entry:
    Requesting entry to a program that has a similar pathway to their current program or a program they previously attended. Students must have completed at least ONE FULL TERM. Note:  Student must have completed the equivalent of, or be enrolled in, at least the first seven weeks of the current/previous program to be eligible for a late entry.  (Example Program: A student wishing to move from Business Administration Management to the Business Administration Marketing-- these programs have the same (similar) first year pathway).
  • Campus Transfer: 
    A request to transfer from one campus to another in the SAME PROGRAM. Fall (September – December), Winter (January – April), Spring (Apr – June). Campus transfers can only be completed at the START of a new term. 
  • Re-admit: 
    A request to return to a program previously attended.  Note: It must be the exact same program at the same campus previously attended. If not, choose Late Entry. 
Attention: Practical Nurse and Personal Support Worker Acute Care Students

If you are requesting to retake courses, please .

Application Form

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