Student Services

Student Services

You are an Ӱ̳ Learner!

We are here to support you throughout your academic journey.  There are many programs and services available to help you get the most of your Ӱ̳ experience.  We offer both in-person and online supports, including Records and Payments Services, Accessibility Services, Career and Wellbeing Counselling, Library Services, Tutoring and so much more! You can explore them here on our website or by visiting the Student Success Centre at your local campus. 

And don’t forget… your Ӱ̳ experience extends beyond the classroom, so get involved! Each of our six campuses offers a variety of options for students to get involved both on campus and in our communities.

If you have a question about Ӱ̳ Student Services, please contact us.

Student Success Centre Hours of Service

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri - 8:15 am – 4:30 pm

Note: The Records Specialist team hold different hours: Please be advised payment, refund and student account inquiries are only available prior to 2:00 pm except on Wednesdays (4:00 pm) and Fridays (1:30 pm). During term start-up, the Records Specialist team will be available until 3:30 pm each day.

Information and services can also be accessed via the following:

  • Online - many of our services can be accessed online via our website 24/7 (e.g. document requests and payments) 
  • Email - send a message to nbcc@nbcc.ca
  • Phone - call us at 1-506-460-6222 or toll-free at 1-833-592-6222