Do you, or does someone you know, have a room or apartment to rent to an Ӱ̳ student? Are you a current or new Ӱ̳ student who needs a place to live while studying at one of our campuses?

Places4Students, below, is the platform to list spaces for rent if you're a home or apartment owner AND the place to browse through listings if you're a student.

Additionally, if you're a student, there are further housing resources* to help find the right place for you.


We've recently partnered with Places4Students Inc. to provide an online collection of numerous housing options.

Places4Students provides students, schools and landlords with the highest quality, off-campus housing service. This large real-time database is for student housing vacancies in our area, including photos and text, contact information and property features.


If you are looking for a home away from home, search listings on Places4Students. As a student, you can also post a FREE roommate advertisement.



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Looking for Temporary Accommodation?

Finding housing that's right for you might take some work, and you might need to consider seeking temporary accommodations until you can secure more permanent housing. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Google Resources - check out some of the local hotels, hostels or Airbnb's in your campus community.
  • Student Housing Groups - check if there are any Facebook groups or online communities specific to Ӱ̳ students. These platforms often have postings for available rentals or potential roommates. Joining these groups can provide valuable information and connections for finding suitable housing.
  • Roommate search - If you are comfortable sharing accommodation, consider searching for a potential roommate(s). This option can help the student split costs and potentially find housing in desirable locations. Places4students (see links above) can assist in finding compatible roommates.
  • Research - Remember to research potential housing options thoroughly, visit properties if possible, and consider factors such as lease terms, costs, safety, and proximity to amenities.  It might also be beneficial to connect with current Ӱ̳ Students who can provide insights or advice on finding housing in the area.

Other Resources

Other Links

Rental Opportunities for Home Owners


Ӱ̳ Fredericton is located on the campus grounds of the University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University. Ӱ̳ students are welcome to live in any of their residence locations which are within walking distance of our campus. For information & application:


  • Start searching early! We advise students to examine the premises and thoroughly read the lease or rental agreements. Understand your responsibilities and restrictions before making a final decision.
  • The provides important information and checklists for finding housing.
  • Keep a copy of all documents for your own records. If the landlord does not provide a lease, you can obtain a sample one from the .

*DISCLAIMER: Ӱ̳ is not responsible for any misrepresented, out-of-date or missing information. Housing availability and rental rates are subject to change. Please contact the landlord or contact person for verification.