Programs Open for Application


The Ӱ̳ application portal is now open to international applicants for the Fall 2024 Term. 

Ӱ̳ welcomes students from more than 70 countries around the world each year. As part of our commitment to ensuring our student body remains vibrant and representative of different cultures and backgrounds, we have established strategic enrolment targets based on “Country of Citizenship”. Ӱ̳ considers many factors when setting strategic country enrolment targets including program availability, visa processing times and approval rates, under-represented regions, diversity of the student body, and more. 

Note: Due to the high volume of international applications received, you can expect to receive updates regarding application status within 14 - 16 weeks from the date your application is submitted

The Programs Open for Application list below provides a list of campus-specific programs still accepting international applications. Campus-specific programs no longer accepting applications will not be available on the list. 

This list of programs open for applications is specifically for international applicants. 

Updated Nov 15, 2023

Spring 2024


Fall 2024

Administrative ProfessionalFredericton, MiramichiSep 2024
Administrative Professional: French Second Language TrainingFrederictonSep 2024
Administrative Professional: Health ServicesMiramichiSep 2024
Applied Construction ManagementMonctonSep 2024
Auto Body and Collision TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2024
Automotive Service TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2024
Building Engineering TechnologyFrederictonSep 2024
Business FundamentalsMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2024
CarpentryMiramichi, Saint John, St. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2024
CNC MachiningMonctonSep 2024
Electrical: ConstructionMiramichi, Saint John, St. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2024
Electronics Engineering TechnologySaint JohnSep 2024
Heavy Equipment Service TechnicianMiramichi Sep 2024
Human Service PractitionerMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2024
HVAC: Sheet Metal FabricationMonctonSep 2024
Industrial MechanicsMiramichiSep 2024
Justice Studies: CorrectionsMiramichi, Saint JohnSep 2024
Justice Studies: Police FoundationsMiramichi, Saint JohnSep 2024
MachinistMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2024
Marine Diesel MechanicsSt. AndrewsSep 2024
Mechanical Engineering TechnologySaint JohnSep 2024
Mechanical TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2024
Metal FabricationMonctonSep 2024
Motorcycle RepairMonctonSep 2024
PlumbingWoodstockSep 2024
Skilled Trades TechniquesSt. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2024
Steamfitting/PipefittingSaint JohnSep 2024
Truck and Transport Service TechnicianMoncton, WoodstockSep 2024
WeldingMoncton, Saint John, St. AndrewsSep 2024
Welding and Metal FabricationMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2024
Welding TechnologyMonctonSep 2024

Note: This list is updated regularly. Depending on the volume of applications received between reports, programs on the list may be full. The application might be waitlisted.