Pathway Agreements

Pathway Agreements

Ӱ̳’s Pathway Agreements are transfer processes that allow our students to obtain credits towards another program or degree from another post-secondary institution.

Ӱ̳ has partnered with local, national and international accredited institutions to create Pathway Agreements that streamline the transfer process and ensure credits are transferred seamlessly. This gives you the opportunity to continue your education, travel and gain life experience.

College and University: You can have both

Why choose between college and university? Ӱ̳ has multiple pathways that allow you to do a 2+2 study, which means your two-year Ӱ̳ diploma can be credited for up to two years of a four-year university degree making for a seamless transition from college to university.

You are responsible for further research into a pathway program to ensure it is in your best interest.