Authorized Agents

As a Ӱ̳ Authorized Recruitment Agent, please see the information below for all international student applications. Should you have any questions, please contact agent@nbcc.ca.

Application Process

  1. Select the program [see Full-Time Programs]
  2. Make sure that the program is still open and accepting applications [see Programs Open for Application]
  3. Review the admission requirements [see International Program Admission Profiles]
  4. Verify the country-specific requirements [see International Admission Requirements]
  5. Review English proficiency requirements [see English Language Requirements]
    Proof of language proficiency can be provided at the time of application if available or submitted as a condition of acceptance.
  6. Review Tuition and Fee details [see Full-Time Tuition & Fees]
  7. Submit the application using your username and password. With this portal, you will be able to submit applications for all your students and upload the required documents to complete the application in one spot. 

Evaluation Process

Visas, Permits, and Immigration

See the International Student Visas, permits, and Immigration page regarding study permits, work permits, co-op work permits and other immigration-related information.

Letter of Acceptance

To confirm their letter of acceptance, the student MUST complete the following steps:

  • Activate their IT Account and setup multi-factor authentication [see IT Services: Get Started]
  • Login to their Student Self-Service and accept their seat via the link on the Student Centre page; and 
  • Pay the confirmation deposit before the due date mentioned on the letter of acceptance [see Payment Options].


See Deferring Application for more information.


See the Refund Policy and details page for more information. 

Change of Agent

We accept change of agent requests, however, the commission will only be paid to the agent who submitted the initial application through their agent portal. The student must email international@nbcc.ca with Release Information Form filled and signed to point new agent representation.

Contact Us

Please contact agent@nbcc.ca