Prospective Agents

Thank you for your interest in working with New Brunswick Community College. Please read the information below carefully as it will assist you in your process of becoming an authorized agent of Ӱ̳. 

How to Become an Authorized Agent

We are not currently accepting new agent applications. You are welcome to complete the application form, and we will contact you when the situation changes.

Ӱ̳ works with accredited education agents from around the world. International Education Agents interested in working with Ӱ̳ must first apply to become a Recruitment Representative. Before beginning the screening process Ӱ̳ encourages all agents to complete the  and read NACAC’s Statement of Principles of Good Practice: . In particular education agents must read Section II D found on page 9.

To apply to become a Ӱ̳ Recruitment Representative, education agents must complete a 3-step screening process:

Step 1: Submit the following information to agent@nbcc.ca

  • A completed Ӱ̳ Recruitment Representative Profile (MS Word)
  • Contact information for three references from Canadian institutions (ideally universities or colleges) with whom you have worked in the past (scanned reference letters will not suffice).

The International Education Office will review these documents to determine whether your services align with Ӱ̳'s recruitment standards, strategy, and goals. Your references will be contacted directly.

Step 2: Interview

Once the International Education Office is satisfied with your proposal and references, you will be invited to interview and discuss your strategies in more detail.

Step 3: Contract

Approved Recruitment Representatives are placed on a standard, one-year trial period contract and will be provided with comprehensive training on Ӱ̳ programs and basic admission requirements.

During the trial period, Recruitment Representatives are expected to recruit a prescribed number of students to Ӱ̳. The prescribed number will depend on the market and Ӱ̳'s goals. Recruitment Representatives are only compensated for applications submitted during the contract period. Ӱ̳ Recruitment Representative's compensation rate is in keeping with industry standards. Recruitment Representatives who successfully recruit the prescribed number of students during the trial period, and conduct business ethically and professionally to the credit of students may be invited to enter into a formal representation agreement with Ӱ̳ for a longer term.

All successful Recruitment Representatives must sign Ӱ̳'s standard agent representative agreement.

Please note, Ӱ̳ receives requests for partnership from more education agents than with whom we have the capacity to partner. Not all education agents who complete the Ӱ̳ Recruitment Representative Profile will be contacted for partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not an authorized agent representative for Ӱ̳. Can I still apply on behalf of my student and will get my commission?
Should an applicant wish to be represented by an agency without a partnership agreement, they are welcome to do so.  In order to receive updates on the student’s application/admission process, they will need to list the agency and the agent in the Disclosure section of their application form.  This will provide us with authorization to disclose their application status.  Commission in this case would not be provided. 

I applied to be a Prospective Agent. When can I expect to hear back?
We are not currently accepting new agent applications. We have kept your application form on our file and will contact you when the situation changes.

What is the commission rate paid to the authorized agents?
All commission-related information will be disclosed when you are offered Ӱ̳ Contract Agreement.

I was an Authorized Agent Representative of Ӱ̳, but my contract was not renewed. When can I expect it to get renewed?
If your contract was not extended at the time of the renewal period, you must submit a new Prospective Agent Application form. Student applications submitted after the contract expires will not be eligible for commission.